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In the rapidly growing construction and industrial sectors of Epoxy flooring in Bangladesh has emerged as a revolutionary solution, offering a plethora of advantages over traditional flooring materials. Epoxy flooring materials offer durability and style for your space in Bangladesh. Discover the affordability of epoxy flooring price in Bangladesh and elevate your floors today. Among the leading companies driving the adoption of Epoxy flooring in the country is Radix Corporation. This article explores the benefits of Epoxy flooring and highlights how Radix Corporation is spearheading the transformation of infrastructure with its cutting-edge Epoxy flooring solutions.


Epoxy systems are a mixture of resins and hardeners. When resin and hardener mix together, chemically react to make a rigid plastic material. Most of the time aggregates are varied with mastic and hardener. The final material is strong, robust, unaffected, glossy and bonds tremendously well to most base coatings. Epoxy Industrial flooring in Bangladesh materials are so strong that it is used in heavy traffic areas such as industrial harsh environments, hospitals and sports facilities. Epoxy Industrial Flooring in Bangladesh may be a unique flooring solution because it’s not only practically incredible, but the materials utilized in it make it flexible for endless applications worldwide. Moreover, it has dissimilar quality based on formulation and raw materials as well as preservative sourcing. We use world best manufacturer products from USA, Germany and Malaysia.

We are offering best price of Epoxy Flooring in Bangladesh. If you think that your next or previous projects floor are going to be Sterile, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacterial, Anti Corrosive, Grime Free, Solvent Free High Chemical Resilient, Hard Wearing, Artistically Gorgeous, High Gloss, Seamless, Joint Less, Ease to wash and Economical please be happy to contact our sales and advertising team, they’re going to be happy to fulfill your query. Epoxy industrial flooring in Bangladesh is suitable for both marketable and artificial surroundings because of their continuity, design options, wear resistance, and life.

Seamless Fusion of Form and Function:

Radix Corporation’s Epoxy Flooring solutions transcend the traditional concept of flooring. They seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality, resulting in surfaces that not only captivate the eye but also endure the test of time. From vibrant, eye-catching designs in commercial spaces to durable, high-performance surfaces in industrial settings, Radix Corporation’s Epoxy Flooring solutions redefine what floors can achieve.

Unleashing Creativity:

One of the hallmarks of Radix Corporation’s Epoxy Flooring is its limitless creative potential. The company empowers clients to unleash their imagination and personalize their spaces like never before. Intricate patterns, custom designs, and even company logos come to life, transforming floors into canvases that reflect unique identities and aspirations.

Industrial Fortitude:

Radix Corporation’s Epoxy Flooring is not just about aesthetics; it’s about resilience. In the industrial sphere, where durability is paramount, these epoxy solutions shine. They stand strong against heavy machinery, foot traffic, chemicals, and wear, maintaining their luster even in the most demanding environments. This durability translates to reduced maintenance costs and increased longevity for industrial floors.

Health and Hygiene in Focus:

With a growing emphasis on health and hygiene, Radix Corporation’s Epoxy Flooring solutions offer a hygienic advantage. Their seamless, non-porous surfaces prevent the growth of bacteria, making them ideal for spaces where cleanliness is critical, such as healthcare facilities, laboratories, and food processing units.

Sustainability at Heart:

As Bangladesh embraces sustainable practices, Radix Corporation remains at the forefront by prioritizing Eco-friendly solutions. The production and application of Epoxy Flooring solutions involve minimal environmental impact. Additionally, the durability and longevity of these floors contribute to a reduction in waste generation, aligning seamlessly with the nation’s sustainability goals.

Comprehensive Expertise:

Radix Corporation’s Epoxy Flooring solutions encompass a wide range of applications. Whether it’s transforming retail spaces, enhancing educational institutions, or fortifying industrial complexes, the company’s expertise ensures that every project is executed with precision and excellence.

Empowering Architects and Designers:

Radix Corporation doesn’t just provide flooring; it collaborates with architects and designers to turn visions into reality. Through a consultative approach, the company helps professionals integrate Epoxy Flooring seamlessly into their design concepts, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Usage Area
  • Lobbies and Store Display Floors
  • Factory Floors, Warehouses
  • Garage Floors, Hallways, Covered Porches
  • Hospitals, Cafeterias, Restrooms
  • Spaces to Meet Safety and Environmental Standards
  • Garments, Packaging, Laboratory
  • Corporate Office, Exhibition Centre
  • Seamless, Joint Less
  • High Glossy, Hygienic
  • Good Chemicals Resistant
  • Smooth and Anti-Slip Finish
  • Hard Wearing and Long Lasting
  • Low Odor During Application

We are submission special quality products, skilled application service epoxy floor finest price in Bangladesh. Very competitive price, world-class specialist applicator and highest quality products and repair are our motto.If you’re intellectually an easy-to-maintain, joint less, eye-catching looking, industrial-grade flooring option, we sure there aren’t substitutes without epoxy solutions. At Performance Industrial, we offer over 20 sorts of Epoxy Flooring Systems.If you are thinking an easy to maintain, combined less, striking looking, industrial grade flooring option, we unquestionably there are no alternatives without epoxy solutions.

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