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In the realm of architectural innovation in Bangladesh, Radix Corporation emerges as a beacon of transformation, introducing the captivating concept of Fair Face Plaster in Bangladesh. With a fusion of artistry, precision, and sustainable practices, Radix Corporation is redefining the very essence of surfaces, turning buildings into works of architectural magnificence.


Ultramodern armature is inconceivable without Fair-Face Plaster in Bangladesh. For decades precedence was given to the unique cargo-bearing parcels and unexampled cost/performance rate as a structural structure material. It’s only in recent times that the marvelous design versatility and the creation of numerous different homestretches have also come to the fore. RADIX CORPORATION provides the stylish service for Fair Face Plaster in Bangladesh as the stylish applicator as well as a contractor with affordable prices. We’re also furnishing the stylish service for Epoxy flooring, bottom hardener, Vinyl flooring, Polished concrete, Waterproofing and PU flooring in Bangladesh.
Natural texture of concrete itself and thus the nature state shaped by fastidiously designed apparent confluence, Zen confluence and split bolt hole because of the incarnation of the cosmetic face. As its face is voguish, profile clear, color livery, transition natural, it owes its abundant beauty formerly employed in the structure facade decoration.
By manhandling Fair Face Plaster in Bangladesh, there is no decoration system as coating, putty, and coating formerly concrete shaped. It uses the natural texture of concrete shells as an cosmetic face compared with traditional concrete systems. thus it’s blessings like reducing the development system, syncopating the development quantum and reducing the prevalence of quality issues, the hazards and design price.
As Fair Faced Plaster in Bangladesh will avoid the common quality faults of ancient external wall decoration, cut back the waste of coffers, their area unit several mature operations in America, Europe, Japan, and indispensable advanced countries within the twentieth century. In China, there are some operations in external and public constructions, still, it’s still rare in structures of huge space with fair- faced concrete, especially in high- rise structures.

Unveiling Elegance

Fair Face Plaster, with its seamless, flawless finish, brings a touch of sophistication to modern constructions. Radix Corporation specializes in the art of this technique, crafting surfaces that exude elegance and refinement. The company embraces the challenges presented by varying textures and designs, turning imperfections into opportunities for unique, aesthetic enhancements.

Crafting Aesthetic Narratives:

Fair Face Plaster isn’t just about enhancing surfaces; it’s about crafting narratives. Radix Corporation collaborates with architects, designers, and builders to breathe life into their creative visions. Whether it’s a minimalist facade that whispers elegance or an intricate masterpiece that tells a story, Fair Face Plaster becomes the medium through which architectural dreams become reality.

Sustainability Woven into Beauty:

Radix Corporation’s commitment to sustainability is as strong as its dedication to aesthetics. The company’s Fair Face Plaster solutions embrace eco-friendly practices, utilizing materials and processes that minimize environmental impact. By marrying beauty with sustainability, Radix Corporation ensures that every architectural masterpiece is also a testament to responsible progress.

Versatility Beyond Measure:

From residential havens to commercial landmarks, Fair Face Plaster by Radix Corporation finds its place in diverse settings. The company’s expertise extends across a multitude of projects, from modern urban developments to heritage restorations. With a versatile approach, Radix Corporation ensures that each surface receives a bespoke Fair Face Plaster treatment that amplifies its unique character.

Mastering Challenges with Excellence:

Fair Face Plaster is an art that demands mastery over techniques and an understanding of materials. Radix Corporation rises to this challenge with finesse, addressing complexities with precision and achieving seamless, impeccable results. The company’s artisans transform mere surfaces into canvases of architectural beauty.

Aesthetic Sustainability:

As Bangladesh embraces a future that marries aesthetics with sustainability, Radix Corporation’s Fair Face Plaster becomes a cornerstone of this revolution. With every surface adorned in the company’s artistry, the architectural landscape evolves, reflecting a commitment to excellence, innovation and the environment.

Usage Area
  • Used for improving adhesion, working time and work ability to plasters
  • Used as primer on ceiling plasters
  • Apply to brute concrete surface before cement and gypsum based plaster applications
  • Interior areas for horizontal, vertical and ceiling applications
  • Prevents quick water loss of concrete which applied on highly absorbent surfaces
  • Improves adhesion, working time and durability of cement and gypsum based plaster to the surface such as brute concrete, wall, ceilings
  • Water based, odorless and safely used in interiors.
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